Master of Your Email, Controller of Your Destiny

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Master of Your Email, Controller of Your Destiny

You start the day with a full email box and end it with just as many.  Everyone is making demands for action and most want it . . . yesterday.  We become walking to-do lists that are just responding and reacting to incoming mail, slaves to the machine.  Advances like email have made communication immediate and convenient, but it has also created more clutter in our lives due to the loss of the Simple Sense perspective.  There is more work and technology makes things move faster, but we end up getting less done.  Information overload.  Reboot.


We have allowed technology to use us rather than becoming the master of the machine and using it to our ends.  This is a basic loss of control, which can lead to overwhelming exhaustion and loss of productivity.  There is no time to capitalize on possibilities.  There is a loss of time, decrease in productivity, and failing to realize the individual potential that gets shifted to the bottom of that to-do list.


We need to shift our perspective, so that we may again be the master, capitalizing on the benefits of technology to realize our full potential in work and our personal lives.  How do we do this?  The answer is Simple Sense.  It is time to simplify.  Focus, prioritize, cut distractions and work on one task at a time.  Less is More Success!


If you are not waiting for an immediate response, then limit the amount of times you check your email.  The number will be unique to you and your job, but do not check it mindlessly.  Too often we just click that “Get Mail” button for no definitive purpose and just create more clutter. Stop!


In general delete everything that is unneeded first, and get off those email lists that are just pictures of baby animals and silly quotes. Then, delegate all that you can possibly pass on to others.  You may even want to limit the number of emails you respond to each time you check your mailbox as well.  Let’s say you choose to do 5, then make them count.  Prioritize what is most important and respond immediately.  Do not check your inbox if you have not set aside some time to respond to your chosen emails.  It is too easy to procrastinate, which leads to an overflowing box and stress level.  Delete the email once you have completed your task and either no further action is needed or the ball is in the other person’s court.


Delete, delegate, and respond, that should be your immediate course of action when checking your email.  Then, limit your responses.  I like to say everything in 3-5 sentences.  My words count when I write this way, and I have to make sure that my directions and explanations are crystal clear.  That goes for jokes too!  There is no room for “fluff,” which is just another word for a time-waster and words that can just lead to miscommunication.  Keep it short and always sweet.


Finally, don’t think you can multi-task!  It’s a myth!  Do one thing at a time.  Don’t have multiple email windows open and check your incoming mail at the same time.  The time and mental energy that it takes to continuously shift gears from one window to the next, one topic to the other, is just a waste – a total brain drain.  Focus on one response to the exclusion of all else.


If a fire lands on your lap, then put it out, but otherwise new items can wait.  We have been trained to think everything is on fire and get overloaded quickly.  By shifting our perspective and focusing on LESS at on time, we can accomplish MORE, salvage our time, and have the ability to access our potential thanks to this time saved and space created when we truly focus and single-task.  LESS IS MORE SUCCESS!


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