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Get Rewards For Exploring and Sharing New Experiences A whole new way to discover fun things-to-do by exchanging old experiences for new ones in a community of explorers.

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What is Subi   Subi is essentially a social space for discovering new experiences by trading in old ones. Unlike any loyalty app, Subi connects you with people like yourself who enjoy indulging in their favorite things-to-do, but at the same time appreciate the notion that variety is the spice of life and are open to trying new things. Easy as Counting From 1 to 10 Subi does away with the vague point-building system that you find in many loyalty programs where 50,000 points doesn’t really mean a lot when you equate the amount to the value of the redeemable reward. Subi is here...

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Seeking ambitious people to work from home!

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Go here NOW! Our parent company, Ameriplan®, has been in business since 1992. Ameriplan® has an ”A+” Rating with the Better Business Bureau. We are with The National Association of Dental Plans and the Consumer Health Alliance.We offer the National Child ID on some of our protection plans. National Child ID is offered by the AFCA in partnership with the FBI. We are a service-based company. We do not sell products or do home parties, we don’t collect money or do any cold calling. We are a true work at home CAREER. Our company offers American...

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Having too much clutter, from piled to filed. Organizing my garage

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CLUTTER: Having too much A key component of Simple Sense is identifying and eliminating the CLUTTER that builds up around us.  Clutter is quite plainly too much stuff.  It is too much going on. It is too much said.  All this stuff may be fun, but it gets in the way of what is important at the time and our overall goals and aspirations.   Clutter gives the gifts of stress and defeat.  By eliminating it, you won’t feel the stress of not finishing what you want to do.  You won’t feel the congested pressure of having too much around you.   This week I was reminded that...

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