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Sound & Lighting Requirements - Keynote speakers

Sound & Lighting Requirements

Sound Requirements

  • Please provide a professional quality sound system with external speakers that adequately project to all the attendees.  In-house ceiling speakers are not acceptable.
  • Will will bring his own microphone.  He will need one wireless handheld w/ microphone stand, one terry cloth hand towel and 2 bottles of water. In the event you need Will to use the on-site microphones, then he will need a Countryman E6 headset microphone.
  • Will needs 3 inputs for his presentation, one for his microphone , one for the wireless handheld, and one for music Will provides.  He will need an system adapter for his iPod.
  • Please provide 4 professional quality 9 volt batteries.


Lighting Requirements

If theatre lighting is available, then Will needs a general wash in the middle 2/3 of the stage.  The audience should be 75-90% dark.  Please light the stage from both sides to avoid the casting of shadows.  Will provides a presentation and performance and is not background entertainment, so this should be reflected in the lighting.

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