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Room & Stage Requirements - Keynote speakers

Room & Stage Requirements

Room Requirements

  • Will’s performance and presentation are highly interactive, so the venue should be just the right size to fit the attendees and capitalize on the energy of the performance.  You do not want extra space, so people should be seated close together and near the stage.  If the stage is less than 20’x 20′, then leaving a dance floor or 20’x20′ space in front of the stage open would be best to showcase Will’s roping demonstrations.  The ceiling must be at least 12′ in height above the performance area.
  • The presentation keynote should not be scheduled while the audience is eating.  Will does not present at this time, as it is not possible to provide the interactivity and rapport needed to accurately convey the message and make the event a successful one.  Will’s western arts performance would be appropriate entertainment during meals.  WILL’S ENTERTAINMENT OPTIONS
  • Will requires one chair to be provided.  He will be standing on this chair to complete his final trick roping demonstration, so please make sure it is a sturdy chair with a flat, hard surface.


Stage Requirements

Please provide a 20’x 20′ stage or riser appropriate for the room, audience, and situation. Will may be able to work with smaller conditions, but please call and discuss your dimensions.  If the stage is made of portable sections please make sure it does not squeak or move when walked on.

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