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Will Roberts is one of the first Zoom Virtual keynote speakers.

For 38 years Will Roberts has been a professional actor, and film & TV content creator. So, when Covid-19 hit Will was more prepared than most. Coming from a production and tech background, and with a full studio to broadcast from, Virtual Keynotes speakers was born.

All Will Roberts fun, excitement and strong message can now be enjoy in your Zoom meetings, and virtual conferences

Simple Sense

Less is More Success™

When a cowboy hits the trail on a long trip the trail bag is packed as lightly as possible. Only the bare essentials are included, but the one thing packed that ensures survival throughout the trip is Simple Sense. No matter what is encountered it always comes in handy, always at the ready to ensure clear decisions and steady progress. It decides life or death on the trail. This Simple Sense is something that I think we are missing in our business and everyday lives. In our time together we will clear away the clutter and get to the Simple Sense, and hopefully find the humor of life.


Keynote Outcomes

1. Become indispensable by learning to increase your value, dependability and connections with others.

2. Understand how to boost productivity and achieve your goals more efficiently by focusing your potential and sense of purpose.

3. Implement self-management principles that enable you to reclaim your goals and time.

4. Shift your perspective from managing change through reaction to creating change through conscious and purposeful action.

5. Navigate and maximize social networks and technology to effectively prevent time and energy drain.

6. Learn tools to create time to enjoy life and reduce extra stress.



Conference opening and closing keynotes; post-dinner and awards shows; corporate sales teams and internal functional teams such as IT, HR and Customer Service meetings; retreats; and association meetings.


Other Programs Available

  • Simple Sense & Social Media: Tweet-Text-Talk to Sucess

Use Simple Sense to learn creative and efficient strategies to maximize success with social media and social networking.

  • Simple Sense – Bring Focus to Our Life

Use Simple Sense to identify our true priorities, which will bring balance to our personal, professional and spiritual lives.

  • Simple Sense – Use Our Tools (Technologies) Wisely

Use Simple Sense to teach ourselves how to use those tools and technology for our benefit for more success and more enjoyment of life.

  • Simple Sense – To Connect with People

Use Simple Sense to build teamwork, personal relationships and mutual trust that will create success and satisfaction.

  • Simple Sense – Be a Master of All Trades

Use Simple Sense to develop our personal and professional skills so that we can be productive, successful and happy.


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